Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Many Things I Never Want to Forget

The past few days I have thought a lot about how blessed I feel to be Lincoln's mother. He is full swing into the terrible two's, and has been for the last few months even though he is still about a month away from being two officially:) There are so many fun things that he does at this stage of his life which I never want to forget. And of course there are some not so desirable things that he does that I also don't want to forget.

Fun Things:

1. He gives the BEST hugs and kisses in the world. This child is so loving. When he wakes up and we go in to get him from his crib, we get big hugs and a kiss, smack-dab on the lips. He looks in your eyes and puckers those cute lips and plants one right on our lips. If Dave and I are kissing, he comes right over and has to get a kiss from each of us as well. I LOVE it! He will also just come up out of the blue and kiss any part of my body that he can reach. My legs, my back or my head. He is sure sweet.

2. He loves water. If he is cranky at anytime of day, I just strip him down to his diaper and let him play in water. Inside, outside, sink, bath, hose, whatever we can find! He is instantly content.

3. He loves Aunt Nee Nee and her dog, Eddie. He asks for her all day long and "Eeh," for Ed. When he sees her both Dave and I fade to the background and it is all about Nee Nee. It is pretty adorable. He loves all of his cousins too, and gets so excited any time we talk about his cousins by name.

4. He is OBSESSED with Barney. He asks to watch it all day. He goes in the cabinet and finds the DVD covers and brings them to me and says "Bar" over and over until I budge and put it on. It can drive us crazy, but it is awful cute that he loves it that much. We are trying to get him to Branch out to Dora or Mickey Mouse Club, but he has no interest yet.

5. He still adores his daddy, and gets so excited when he comes home. When he hears Dave call on my phone, he shouts "DAD." He knows the ring tone and responds with such excitement. I love that he loves his Daddy. I sure do too:):)

6. Walking unassisted is something we are working on. Although I know Linc can do it, he is unsure and has to hold our hand or has to push some object to feel secure enough to walk. He likes the two finger hold as you see below. It seems so arduous to us right now, but he will get it in his own time and we are so proud of him. He is very cautious, and I hope that pays off later when he is a teen boy with an artificial leg that can not feel pain and he thinks he can do anything. That is when I hope he continues to be cautious. We'll see! :):)

7.The newest thing I adore is when I ask him about something he is excited about or that he wants to do, he puts his lips in an O shape and says"ooohhhh." His eyes light up and his smile reaches from ear to ear. He is so much fun.

8. He loves the song BINGO and clapping his hands. He can repeat all the letters B I N G O with our prompting. It is pretty cute!

9. He loves his prosthesis and often times I will find him trying to put it on by himself when he is ready to get up and walk. I love this kid.

10. He loves to play with our electric toothbrush and clean our shoes and anything that looks remotely fun to polish. We keep a spare head for him that we snap on the toothbrush and let him go to town, it can keep him busy for an hour:)

There are many, many other things our little guy does that are absolutely adorable. I can't think of them all right now, but will have to write them down more often.

And because this is a journal of sorts I need to remember some of the not so desirable things he is doing right now.

* Throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants at lightning speed. "Sorry child, I don't operate that fast."

*The hitting for no reason but being tired or bored or frustrated.

*The VERY strong personality that comes out when he has a mind to do something that is either unsafe or not conducive to the circumstances at the time.

The good and the charming times certainly outweigh the 2 year old fits of wanting to be independent and not having the ability to be so. We love our little guy so much and are so proud of the progress he is making.
He keeps us on our toes for sure, but there is no place we would rather be. WE LOVE YOU LINCOLN. (All of you... even your naughty, tired side). Mwah!

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