Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am making a new pact with myself that I am going to try my very hardest to write every few days about the things that we do as a family daily. Lincoln is now 2 and he is growing and changing so fast. With that I feel a sense of urgency to document all of our fun daily happenings here, so I don't ever forget just how fun and challenging being a mother truly is. I LOVE being a mom and I count my lucky stars everyday that I am blessed to stay home with him. I am fortunate enough to be by his side every step of the way as he takes his first steps, learns  new words and phrases, and as he tries to dress and undress himself at least 10 times a day. I love to watch him explore and learn and develop from a baby into a strong willed little boy.

Fun Things about Lincoln at 2 years old:

* He is walking by himself!!! He took his first real steps on his own a few weeks before his 2nd birthday, and from there on out he has been moving. He basically can run anywhere he wants now. He is amazing. His prosthesis is his best buddy now!

*He is obsessed with vehicles and their brands and who they belong too. Every Chevy is an "Aunt  Nee Nee's car," every Nissan is a "Pa's car," every Honda is a "Dada's car." I mean every kind of car you can name is associated with the person who owns it. He watches for the symbol on the hubcaps or grill of the car and then makes a determination as to who's car it is.

* He loves to sit in and pretend to drive any type of vehicle as well. He LOVES cars and to push buttons and play with the radio and windshield wipers etc.

* He still loves the computer and sitting and pressing the keyboard buttons and using the mouse. He likes to act like a big boy and copy everything we do. It really is fun to see him develop into a little person. He now wants to shave, brush his teeth and use nose trimmers all by himself just like his dad.

* He loves our cell  phones, as most kids do, but he actually loves to call each person who's picture he recognizes in my phone and talk to them and hang up on them as soon as he is "done" with the conversation. He calls his "Pa" at least 3-5 times a day successfully and he tries at least 20 times daily before I snatch the phone away.

*He loves to dress and undress himself several times a day and he is truly obsessed with a blue T-shirt with a dump truck on it that his friend Colton let him wear one day and he has to wear it EVERY day, even if it is for a few minutes. I try to wash it at night while he sleeps as to not disturb his peace by the shirt being missing.  He also likes to put Daddy's shirts on and pretend he is a big boy.

* He still loves Barney and watches it a few times a day. He has now started to call it "Melanie," as his favorite little girl in one of the shows is called Melanie. He has a crush on her :)

* His vocabulary is expanding everyday and he loves to copy things we say. I was concerned his speech was delayed, but I am now certain he is catching on quickly and loves to talk, in fact there is never a quiet moment around here and when there is I worry he is into something he shouldn't be!

* Lincoln has a very loving heart and a very strong willed personality. He knows exactly what he wants and is not easily swayed away from it. He is soooo sweet when he wants to be, yet easily frustrated and upset when things do not go his way. For a two year old that is hard because much of the time things do not go his way, but slowly he is learning that sweetness gets him much further than his hot headed power struggle. I love this about him. I know his determination and will is what literally saved his life when he was so sick, and it can and will be a blessing to him if he learns how to channel all of his determination and will into good, positive directions.

* Most of all he is so funny and has such a great sense of himself and others around him. He loves others and wants to hug everyone, especially little people like himself. :) We love our little man and are so thankful we get to be his parents!

For Halloween Linc was Mr. Fredrickson from the movie Up. It was such a cute costume. He was not too sure about all the costumes that other kids were wearing and he was especially frightened by face makeup, but we had fun and he lloked adorable.

Big News: In November Dave graduated and is now a Board Certified PA. We are so proud of him!
      We are excited for the Holiday Season. December is such a fun month with lots of family birthday parties and Christmas! Bring on the fun!                                                               

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