Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eyes, Walking and Spring Things

We have had a fun few months. Very exciting news is that Lincoln had eye surgery and his wandering eye is corrected and looking great.

Before Surgery:
After Surgery:

His eyes look fantastic and I can tell he feels so much better being able to focus with both eyes. Who knew prematurity would cause so many interesting things which have had to be corrected? This little guy amazes me with his awesome spirit everyday.

This child is ALL BOY. He is rough and tough and as much as I try to teach him to be soft... etc. He is ROUGH. He loves balls, bats, trucks and rocks. 

I love his personality. He is super sweet with just enough sass to keep things interesting and lively. Lately he is testing limits and he is starting to learn what time out is. It really does work. He seems to understand the concept and is sweet as pie when he is done with his one minute in time out, until the next time he wants to do something that is not acceptable:):) Oh the joys of discipline! This is the cute face and please gesture we see often. When he wants something really badly, we get the double please:)
 We took a trip to Salt Lake in March. We played in the snow and had a fab time with our family. They are so much fun!

We were sledding and playing in the snow, but Linc thought that the swing was way more fun!
Daddy turned 30 in March as well! We celebrated him all day and he was surprised with a  HUGE grill! We love our Daddy so much! He is the best dad, husband, brother, son etc. I could not have found a better person to spend my life with and raise children with!

 Dying Easter eggs this year was interesting. Lincoln wanted to just peel the eggs and he did a darn good job!!!
 The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma's house was really fun this year, we had perfect weather and hiding Lincoln's eggs and basket in the yard where I hunted for eggs as a child was so nostalgic! I am so happy he gets to experience Grandma and Grandpa's yard and the epic Easter Egg hunts in the "friendly forest."
 The Easter Bunny brought him a basketball hoop, shovel and an awesome truck, some Hersheys kisses and lots of eggs.
 This is Grandma's backyard where the men migrated and turned the grass into a driving range. Golf seems to be part of our life wherever we go:)
 Momma and Lincoln in front of the pool where Mom learned to swim as a child.
                                            Kjersti and cousin Ainsley. Aren't they cute?
The cute girl cousins dressed in their Easter best .

Our Easter Sunday Family picture that we caught on self timer. It turned out well for Lincoln being so tired and cranky... hence the "scowl."
We have a walker! Well almost, he still thinks he needs to hold our hands because he is just not confident enough to do it on his own. I know he could if he would just trust himself, but I understand. The prosthesis is a little shaky, he doesn't have enough control of it yet and he gets nervous. I took the diaper shot so that you could see how the leg wraps around his waist and all movement comes from his hip. He will get a prosthesis with a knee joint when he turns 4. But for now this is what he has and he does fairly well. 

He cruises  on his own with his walker, but when he runs into things he gets frustrated and I get this look very often!

The past week has been so nice outside, we have been taking long walks and this weekend we got the spring bug and planted flowers and washed our car etc. Lincoln had a blast. Outside is his heaven!

 Helping Mom & Dad plant flowers and water the grass.

                                                         His face says it all. LOVE it!
Last Saturday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum and Lincoln loved the room where he  pretended to be "Bob the Builder" and was fascinated with this electrical wiring. He loved playing in the water with the boats as well. This place really is neat!

 It is the season to start soaking up the sun and enjoying family and friends outdoors. And... Dave is excited to perfect his grilling skills with that huge birthday gift. If you would like to benefit from his skills, call us up, we LOVE company!


Artfulife said...

Kim he is too stinkin' cute! Please let's get together soon.

HILL HESS said...

I love seeing him on his feet! YAY! ANd his eyes look so great! He is just so darling. And so are YOU! I miss you. I'm coming for a week at New years. Will you be in town?

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