Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Did you miss us? We took a long unintentional break.  Lincoln is obsessed with the computer right now, so all of his waking hours are spent begging for the computer. He is a total media man. He loves phones, ipads and COMPUTERS.

 I have to include multiple photos because I want to remember all of these expressions. He feels like such a big boy when we let him sit up at the computer and type... but this means I never have a chance to do what I need to, like updating this blog. So, I am now finally getting around to it while I have a quite night:)

Lincoln continues to amaze us with his skills. He does so many fun things that I never want to forget. He has such a funny personality. His new found way to get anything he could possibly want is to sign "please." It melts my heart every time, and everyone's for that matter. It is so hard to wait after he signs and try to get him to say the word before giving him what he wants or needs. He says a few words and our very favorite is "Amen," at the end of the prayer. He tries to beat us to it, so when he hears... "In the name  of..., he shouts, AMEN! It is sooo cute!

We have had such great weather lately which has allowed us to be outside most of the winter. We venture to the park frequently and he recently discovered his love for the swings. The first couple of times we took him he was not sure, but now hes got it and LOVES it. He has started saying "Go!" It is super cute and he lets you know when he wants to go higher and if you stop pushing him it is almost fatal, he freaks and you would think the world is ending. But the smiles he gives while on the swing are completely worth the tantrum when it is time to go.

His glasses transition in the sun. I love how he has instant sunglasses when we step outside. He would not keep them on this day. Who knows.

We finally had our first significant snowstorm last week and Lincoln got to play in the snow for the first time. He really liked it. It was a success. I took so many pictures, I could not get enough of his expressive face and chubby cheeks!

His walking skills are getting better and better. He likes his walker and cruises when he has his prosthesis on, and when he doesn't he pushes his walker around the house on his knees. I have some cute video of him walking, but it won't upload on here. I've got to work on that because you have to see it. He is a stud!

We are so proud of his progress. He is doing so well in all areas. He is eating well, and growing. He weighed 21 lbs and was 31 inches at his 18 month appointment. He is a smart little guy and follows all the commands I give him. He brings me things I ask him to and he always brings me rocks from the backyard that he picks up. It truly makes me so happy when he brings me things and I know he is thinking of me while he is playing and exploring.

His red hair is sooo cute and we still have no idea where it came from, but we love it. It is also super curly when it is longer. I have cut it recently but here are a few pics of when it was longer and curly. He is his mommas boy. Cheeks and curly hair.

He loves Barney and is mesmerized by it when I turn it on. Hence the upward stare in the last picture. And yes, the binky is still very much a part of our lives. I try to limit it to nap and car time but... when he is really whiney he still gets it. If it is gone by the time he turns 2 I will be happy. The thing was his comfort during really rough times, and I don't have the heart to take it away completely just yet:)

Lately Linc wants to be close to me whatever I am doing. The other day I was blow drying my hair and he wanted to be right next to me. He curled up by my side and I guess the sound of the blow dryer lulled him to sleep. It was pretty cute!

He is scheduled to have eye surgery to tighten up his wandering eye on March 7th. It should be a pretty straight forward procedure we are told. Cross our fingers and say our prayers:) I think it will help so much.

I think that is all for now.We will update you again soon. I promise not to stay away for this long ever again. :):)


Kirsty said...

Oh Kimmie! He is such a doll! I love reading about his days and about you being a mommy. I always knew you would be an amazing one! xox Many prayers for his eye surgery!

HILL HESS said...

LOVE the updates! And LOVE YOU!!

HILL HESS said...

I love the picture of him with that beanie on- so cute!