Thursday, December 15, 2011

Its Been Awhile

We are alive and doing well! Reno has sucked us into a hole... just kidding. It is the best feeling ever to be surrounded by friends and family again. Dave loves rotations and  that he actually is getting hands on experience with patients. He is awesome and I love him so much! Our boy is amazing. He is just sooo stinking cute and full of personality. Here are his new glasses. He did really well at wearing them the first week and then he found it really funny to take them off and throw them. He now has a strap to help keep them on better and it works beautifully!
 His newest thing is that he points at everything. I watch that little pointer finger intensely to find out what he wants. He also just uses that cute little finger to say, "Hi, I see you over there!"

Please ignore my closed eyeballs.

 He is so much fun. He is beginning to talk more, it is still a lot of baby talk but he tells us stories. He says  a few words we can understand like Mama, Dada and Ball and Baba. I think he understands most everything I tell him and for the most part does what ever we tell him to do. He is starting to mimick everything we do. Today I caught him lounging in his chair with the remote held in the air pointing at the TV. I guess he had enough of Dr. Oz and wanted to scan the channels.:):) He also ROARs like a lion and does the perfect doggie impersonation. He also gives the sweetest kisses!

He enjoys the bath so much and hates to get out. He would play in there for hours if I would let him.
Check out the tears and runny nose from crying upon departure from the glorious tub.

He is really good at letting us know that he does not appreciate us making him do something he doesn't want to do. We are beginning to experience much more fits of frustration than we used to, but we are fine with it, and will work through it. He is going to need that fiesty spirit to get where he needs to go. That is in fact what kept him alive I believe, so I am actually thankful he has an opinion, even if it is STRONG!

It is tragic when mom won't let you plug Christmas lights into the light socket :(
We feel so blessed to be where we are in life. I love this time of year. I love to reflect on Jesus and how He came to Earth. He was born in a stable in the most meager of circumstances and He brought with Him all the light and life that this world needs. I am so thankful for Him, and I am so thankful for His presence in my life everyday as I invite Him in. He has made all the difference. His power can heal and perform miracles. We are witnesses to that.

Last Christmas was rough and we were hardly able to celebrate. We were barely hanging on, encompassed with lots of worry, stress, a sick child and sleepless nights. This season we have had time to embrace the season, revel in the beauty of the lights, smells of baking, warmth of family and friends and the blessing of a happy thriving child.

We took our family Christmas card picture this year and Lincoln is happily standing and smiling and loving life. Last year I wasn't sure that this would ever be a reality as much as I hoped and prayed it would be.
I must say the blessings we have received and Lincoln's progress far exceed anything I had hoped for.

What a difference a year makes. I thank God from the depths of my soul that He has blessed us with all that He has. It is a perfect time of year to reflect and to thank. So thank you all for your prayers and thoughts in the past year. They have certainly helped!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!!  We send you lots of love and warm wishes for a happy, safe Holiday Season!
 Dave, Kim and Lincoln


jsnmlnd said...

Was that seriously just a year ago? Those pictures look like just yesterday! Time has gone by so fast and I'm glad to hear Lincoln is doing so well! He looks amazing. Can't wait to see you guys again! Melinda

jsnmlnd said...

Ps I bet you miss that woundvac!