Friday, November 4, 2011

We are home!!!

We moved back to Reno 3 weeks ago today. I am so happy to be home. While Vegas served it's purpose very well and Dave finished school with flying colors, we are so happy to be back where we feel completely at home and surrounded with clean fresh air, mountains, grass and even cold weather. We were welcomed to our new house with a sign, balloons and toys for Lincoln! We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.
Dave had the first two weeks off before he started rotations, so we were able to get settled, go on hikes and go to the pumpkin patch and Apple Hill. We have spent so much of our time surrounded by family and friends and it has been sooooo great! Lincoln loves kids and is ecstatic to be surrounded by all of his cousins.
We walked around the pumpkin patch and Lincoln lounged at every small child walking by. He reaches out to them and wants to hug them. He just loves little people. And he is a pretty good sport at smiling for the camera until he's done and then we get the funny faces.

 These past few weeks with Dad around all the time, he and Lincoln have become best friends. L wants Dad at all times- he is sooo into him right now. I love it and it is a nice break for me, but I secretly think it is wearing Dave out. It is hard to carry an extra 20 pounds all day everywhere!
 We have seen all of Lincoln's specialist since moving back to Reno and we have been very impressed with them. All of the Doc's are happy with L's progress. He really doesn't need the GI doc anymore, he gave us the green light to take out his G-tube and the Endocrinologist is happy with his growth and thyroid levels. His heart looks great, and he got the flu shot. We are hoping for a very HEALTHY winter!!!

Some other VERY exciting news is Lincoln is officially a crawler! He saw Dave's laptop on the floor one night and just crawled to it. Now he gets wherever he wants to go. He is everywhere and in to everything. The funniest part is how he gets his stump to help him, he flings his hip forward and uses it as a mobilizer as he moves his other knee like normal and then flings his hip again and it is just sooo precious. He is going to adapt to this no knee and bottom leg thing like a champ. The prosthetist says it will take him awhile to figure out how to walk on his artificial limb, but he will get it and he will rock it!

We went to Apple Hill last weekend and it was beautiful weather! Lincoln loved tasting all the apple treats and the pumpkin patches!

 L dressed as a monkey for Halloween. He acted the part too. I could not get a good picture of him, but take my word for it, he was sooo cute in his costume. We went trick-or-treating with his cousins and he wasn't sure what the heck we were doing but he had fun snuggled in next to us watching the kids, and Dave and I scored some candy!!!

 Oh, I almost forgot L saw the opthamologist last week and was fitted for his first pair of specs. He is near sighted and will finally be able to see things more clearly off in the distance. I can't wait for him to get them. I think he will be excited to see more clearly. Also, his left eye is weaker than the right and will sometimes get lazy. He has to wear a patch on his right eye two hours a day for 6 weeks to hopefully strengthen that left eye.
He is so good about it and doesn't pull it off. He is such a patient little guy. I think it is going to help our little pirate! Stay tuned for Lincoln sporting his glasses!!!


Artfulife said...

So happy to hear you guys are back in town! Maybe we could get together. It would be so much fun to see you & Lincoln for a playdate. Hugs & hope to see you soon!

Charis said...

So glad you're back in Reno. I can only imagine how happy you and your family are :-) I love all the pictures but the patch is definitely my favorite. He just looks so cute starting at the camera and that's the first time I've thought it he looks like you. So cute. His pirate patch looks fabulous ;-)

Candice and Israel said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog from a comment you left on John & Jessica Holbrook's blog so I started reading Lincoln's story from the beginning. I cried through the entire thing! Wow...what an amazing, cute, strong little boy!! And what strong parent's he has! I was so happy & relieved by the end of the blog to see how much progress he has made & everything you have all overcome! You, your husband & Lincoln are such wonderful examples & I feel blessed to have been able to come across & read your (his)story. I hope things just continue to get better & better from here on out & I will be looking for updates often!