Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skull Surgery Update

Everything was approved to have the surgery done at Stanford!!! We flew to Reno and then drove to the bay area on Sept. 12. This picture was taken the day before surgery in Carmel. We went to visit Shelly (my sis) who just recently took a job at Pebble Beach as their pastry chef... yeah she is pretty much AMAZING!

 Lincoln was so happy the next morning. We checked in at 6:00am and as the nurses got him ready for the OR he was all smiles and just precious as always. I had to fight back my tears as I knew that in a few hours he would feel pretty miserable. The anesthesiologist gave him a strong sedative that made him limp and very sleepy, enough so that when the anesthesiologist took him out of our arms and walked him to the OR he was just fine. No tears or anything, he was OUT OF IT!!! Thankfully.
9 hours later when we saw him he looked very different and was uncomfortable, but not in too much pain. He drank a big bottle and fell asleep for a few hours.
 When he woke up again he was in a lot of pain and need stronger than normal pain meds as his body has become accustomed to the meds from all of his previous pain with his leg. When we finally got it under control he rested much more comfortably and was just fine as long as Dave or I were right next to him and singing to him. His eyes swelled shut the first night and it was scary and frustrating to him, so we just read him all of his familiar books from our memory, and hearing the familiar words kept him calm. That was CUTE!

                                        The incision on Day 2, and very swollen eyes and head.
 He just wanted to keep his face covered with his blankie with his hand by his nose. It was strange, but hey- it comforted him, and that is all that mattered!
 On Day 3 we took a walk outside in the little atrium they had at the hospital. It was so cute because he was excited to be outside. He kicked his leg and wrinkled up his face in a smile, but he still could not see a thing.
 He was such a champ. He barely whined and just wanted to be snuggled which is always fun for us!
 Later that day his left eye began to open. He was so EXCITED, and we gave him a cup to play with... you would have thought we were at Disneyland!

 And later that day his right eye began to peek open!!! He was so excited to see again!

We were released the next afternoon and he was so happy to get home and play. His eyes were still swollen, but went down fairly quickly.

 Day 5 post op. He looks great. Can yo believe how different he looks? He has a nice round head and just needs to grow his beautiful red hair back!

                                                                     Day 6 Post Op.
                                                                 Incision healing nicely.
 A week and a half later was our first adventure out into the sun. His head has to be covered at all times from the sun, and he does not love hats, so that was fun!
 He forgot about it eventually and had so much fun. We went to the Candy Dance in Genoa, a big craft and arts festival the city puts on every year. It is such a good time.

 Jessica and Auntie Deb came to visit us this last week and went to Shriner's with us. Lincoln ADORES his cousin, I mean seriously. Lincoln gave her 80+ kisses in 3days. There was a tally being kept. Doesn't his incision look amazing for 3 weeks post op? I think so. He heals so fast!
 Had to put this one in... his cheesy grin that makes his eyes disappear because he is so happy. This is me opening my b-day gift from L and Daddy.
We are soooo thankful we were able to go to Stanford. We had an amazing surgeon, and were blessed with perfect care from Nurses and all the staff at Lucille Packard. It was not even one ounce stressful. That ios saying a lot!!! We could not be happier with the results!!! Thanks for all your prayers!


The Barlow Family said...

I am soooo glad to hear that things went well with Lincoln's surgery. I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately. And it's so Great to hear that you had such a good experience this time with the hospital and staff. That makes the world of difference. He's as handsome as ever!

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

What a champ!! He is such a strong little guy, with everything he always has that smile on his face! So glad everything went well, I had to reread and look at the pictures cause just after a few days it looked way better, which is amazing! I hope you are all doing well!

Kirsty said...

Oh he is such a little darling. The pictures of him being so delighted with his eyes opening just a bit were heartbreaking, and heart swelling and humbling and just so, so, so sweet. You are all amazing. xoxoxo