Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Such a Champ

What can I say other than this little guy is such a stud. He has had to deal with so much and it never ceases to amaze me that he always rocks out his challenges and shows us that it is all going to be OK. I may not always feel like I am going to make it and be OK, but our little man never quits.
He did so well with the skin graft. The surgeon was able to take the donor skin from the back of his amputated leg and graft that to the front. We were so happy as this makes holding him so much easier, I was worried because we originally thought the donor site would be taken from his left thigh, which would have made for two very painful legs until they both healed. Thankfully, we just have one.
This shows the back of his leg where the skin was taken from.
We had planned for and thought we would be admitted for at least a night if not a couple of nights after the surgery. The surgery began at 7:30am and to my pleasant surprise we were discharged, and walking out of the hospital doors at 10:30am. I am telling you Lincoln is amazing. We came home and he slept most the day and just wanted to be held and snuggled which was fine by me. I love a cuddly, snuggly, sleepy baby.

He had to keep the wound vac on for 5 days post skin graft and Monday we went for a follow up with the plastic surgeon and wah- lah, the wound vac came off and we are FREE! This is the most exciting thing that has happened since Lincoln first came home. We can pick him up and not think twice about cords pulling his leg, or hefting around the wound vac anymore. And most importantly, his leg is on its way to full healing! It is heaven! So, now he just has a dry gauze dressing on with some fancy cheesecloth on the actual wound that Dave changes here at home every two days. It is a good thing he is studying medicine and likes this stuff, because today I took a peek at the wound as I held Lincoln down for the dressing change and yep, it is pretty much crazy to look at! We are now able to dress him in pants and shorts which we have been anxiously awaiting.

We gave up one apparatus and gained another this week, this one however is just so cute and makes me laugh every time I look at him with it on. I can not believe how incredibly cute it is...

Intently watching a movie with dad.

The helmet is a hit with us, although I am not sure Lincoln feels the same way about it yet, but he does have 4 months to get used to it before he will have a perfectly round beautiful head!

Dave is off school and we are loving every minute. We have stayed in our jammies till noon on days we don't have appointments, we have been whipping up some yummy food and are soaking up the sun on walks everyday. We are so thankful that we are beginning to see light at the end of what has been a very long, dark tunnel with only bursts of light. I think I am starting to see streams of light now that will soon become rays.
Life is GOOD! Love you all.


Margaret said...

Hooray! I am so happy for you guys. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Aramelle said...

I'm so glad the procedure went so well! I can imagine it is a huge relief to have that part all over with finally. Lincoln looks adorable in his helmet! :D

HILL HESS said...

Wonderful news!! So glad he is doing so well! Love you guys!

Terry and Amber Andrews said...

I love all the pictures of him. He looks so healthy and happy. I am so glad everything went so well. Your whole family is an inspiration.

Gerritt and Jennifer said...

I am SO happy for all of you guys!! I agree with everybody else..Lincoln is ADORABLE and you truly are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Oh, Kim, Lincoln looks so darn cute in those shorts!! Yeah for the end of the tunnel. I am so proud of you and Dave. I miss seeing you guys! Give Lincoln hugs from Aunt Jenny!