Thursday, February 24, 2011

So Exciting

Little L is making HUGE strides. We are soooo in love with his true personality that has recently come out to greet us. Without pain and constant irritation he has become a new baby!!! He is happy and smiley and loves to play, loves his toys, books and anything that lights up and will sing to him. He is a new child and oh, so loveable.

 His sleeping habits have improved significantly. He slept for an 8 hour stretch the other night and Dave and I woke up disoriented wondering if he had really slept or had he stopped breathing? He really just slept. I had begun to think that maybe Lincoln was just going to be a difficult personality, but now we are discovering that our little boy is sweet as can be. He was just in chronic severe pain because of his darn leg. I am so thankful his leg is healing amazingly well and the graft is looking beautiful.

Daddy has been off of school and it has been sooooooo nice. Lincoln knows that we are both home and enjoys it so much. He thrives on attention and stimulation- just like any normal baby. Yeah, he is a real baby now!!! My sister Shelly and her family have been in town and Lincoln has loved the noise, attention and outings we have been taking. We took a trip to Town Square and Lincoln tried out his new stroller facing the world! He loved it.


I love my sister's family. They are so cute.
And the greatest thing of all is that we have started Lincoln on some stage 1 baby food, and so far it has been a success! He really is doing quite well, and loves carrots and applesauce. This is a HUGE step. We get really messy and I love it! I will take any amount of mess and be happy because our little man is eating! 

Here is a video of him trying out his new skills. Please don't mind all my baby goo goo talk. I get crazy excited when he eats!!!

This little face gets even cuter with food and smiles of delight at the yumminess of carrots! It has been a really fabulous few weeks having daddy around. So much progress has been made and we are very happy! We are so thankful that things are going well finally. My rays of sunshine have begun!!! God is good to those who wait on Him and trust Him. Loves and Hugs!


Aramelle said...

Oh, I just love that you are getting to experience your happy, smiley baby now! Even through his pictures, he looks like a spunky, sweet boy.

And yay for starting on baby food! It's such a fun, fun time to explore the world of food with them. I just love the expressions they give when first trying something new, whether a taste or texture. The video is absolutely adorable. Of course it is, look at the star of it. :)

HILL HESS said...

Hooray!! He has the sweetest smile! I'm so glad things are going better. Isn't sleep amazing?!

Jenny said...

Oh how this warms my heart!!! I love that your rays of sunshine have begun, you have waited so strong and patient. I am so happy Lincoln is feeling so much better! :) You have been taking such special care of him, no he is pouring on the "thank yous!" Love the helmet!

Melissa said...

Dear Kim-
I am so glad to hear things are going so well! Very cute pictures.

Also, I wanted to share a post with you that my neice just wrote on her blog about her baby who has CHD and where they are today ( a year after his birth).

Amber said...

Oh Kim! He is just so precious! What a superstar he is for coming so far and beating all the huge obstacles that have stood in his way. You are very amazing and loving parents that have sacrificed so much. You truely are an inspiration to me. I am so happy to know that things are looking up for all of you. I hope the sun continues to shine on your family and that you feel the love and mercy of our savior.