Monday, February 28, 2011


 Is there any sweeter sound than the man you love babbling goo goo talk to the boy you love as they begin the night time bath ritual and bedtime story routine. It is such a calm, happy sound that I look forward to every evening. 

I love the feeling of sliding into my jammies and telling the world I am done for the day. I love when I feel that I have done my very best with what I was given that day. I love when I know I have looked for the beauty and the joy- found it, and relished in it.  I think I am getting to that point finally, it has taken me a few months but I think I have arrived.
This was my joy today!

The last two weeks have been such a recharge to my soul. Having Dave home has been so amazing. I have felt like my old self again. We hung, we laughed, we cooked, we walked and we laughed some more. We are dealing with the hand we have been dealt and it feels good. Lincoln has made some phenomenal progress as well which made his time off even more enjoyable. Good news once in a while feels SOOOO good.

Yesterday my sister and her family left to go back to Reno, and whenever family departs I can't stop the tears. Dave knows this and always does so well at comforting me, but it is still so darn hard to be away from them, especially under our circumstances. This morning in the shower it hit me again that a new semester is beginning and though things will be much better and easier with Lincoln, I had to mentally reposition myself to carry the load again mostly on my own. He helps wherever he can, but he is one busy guy, and I am thankful he works so hard.

As my mind raced wildly, preparing myself for all that lays ahead in the coming months I kept thinking about the quote that I love and keep hearing in my head, "God shapes the back to bear the burden placed upon it." I know this- I have felt His help when I have needed it most. I have spent hours on my knees, and some days I thought that He may just not be hearing and then something or someone would call or show up and my prayers would be answered. I have felt strength far beyond my own on  many occasions when I have faced crushing doubt or fear. I know God is there and that He listens and that He answers our prayers in His time.

Dave and I were watching "Return to Me" (one of my favorite movies ever) and there is a quote that the Grandfather says to his grand daughter who is experiencing a difficult time. He says, "Those who have the strongest character are the ones that God gives the greatest challenges to." That quote really hit me, and yes, once again I got teary eyed- and I immediately thought about our boy and what an amazing character he has and will have because he has been given so many challenges. He is enduring and overcoming them so well. God must think He is very special. I sure do and I fall more in love with him everyday.
By the way, Lincoln cut his first tooth.
 So for anyone who may be facing a particularly difficult time, as we all do from time to time, remember that our character is molded by the way we handle our challenges and God gives them to us because He knows we can handle it and rise above!!!


Lauren and Chase said...

You are amazing! I love your positive attitude about life! Your posts always inspire me to be better and more positive in my life!
Your little boy is getting so big, and he has just the most beautiful, big smile!!
So glad things are getting a bit easier without all the cords, and glad you guys got to have some much needed family time!!

Hornes said...

Thank you so much for your post Kim. So many things you said, touched me. I appreciate your positiveness and your desire to keep pressing forward, even when times are tough--you are an inspiration to me! Glad you had your hubby home for the last couple weeks! :)

Janna said...

Kim.... your last quote brought me to tears (as your words always do) But I just wanted to say that God must think that you too are amazing and have a strong character to handle this challenge that He has given you with such grace and poise. I admire you and will keep telling you til the day I die. Love you guys sooo much. Miss you even more and pray that you will be able to come visit for my wedding :) Lincoln is amazing.... and so are you!