Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Down

The cath is over and it was successful! We are so thankful and are hopeful that his arch will stay open and function properly now. Lincoln did so good. We only had to stay over in the hospital one night, so that they could monitor the leg they put the catheter into and to make sure he came out of anesthesia without any issues.

This Wednesday morning he is scheduled to have his skin graft. We are so excited as this means one more step to having less cords to deal with and much more comfort and progress for little "L".

Dave has finals this week, and then has 2 weeks off!!! We have never been more ready for a break.  We are taking off and going to Hawaii for a week. Ha Ha... just kidding - in my dreams that is what we would be doing. Although we may not be able to escape our present reality we will be doing some fun things... hikes, lunch dates, shopping and anything outdoors that our little hearts desire. It will be the first time since Lincoln has been home that Daddy has had a real break from school. We are soooo excited!

Excuse me now, I am headed off to catch up on some of this...

 We will keep you updated on the surgery Wednesday. Hugs and Kisses to you all!


Aramelle said...

1) I'm SO glad that the surgery went well!
2) I hope everything goes just as fantastically on Wednesday.
3) Enjoy your family time together during Dave's break.
4) That picture? The level of cuteness is almost unbearable!

HILL HESS said...

Thank you for the updates. We're praying for Lincoln. Love you so much!

Diane said...

Love you guys!
We think about your three (and pray for you three) all the time.