Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to our Suite on Sunrise Lane

After a 2 month break from our hospital suite at Sunrise we will be returning again this week for 2 more procedures. We found out that Lincoln's arch in his heart that was fixed via his last open heart surgery has begun to re-narrow. We knew that there was a chance that this could happen, but we thought that this was years away. Unfortunately it has narrowed enough to where the have to fix it within the next few weeks or it could cause serious problems in the future. So... Wednesday is the big day when Lincoln will go into the cath lab and have a balloon placed in the arch where it is narrowing. The hope and plan is that the balloon will stretch it open enough to where the heart will heal and stay open like that for quite awhile until he gets old enough to have a stent placed permanently.

If all goes well, he will also be getting his skin graft on his leg on Friday or Saturday. It is finally ready and we are sooooo excited to finally be getting this done. It will be so much more comfortable for him and we can move forward with prosthetics, physical therapy, etc. Yaaaah!

He is really doing well and has made so much progress. We have had family here to help the past couple days and will continue to for about a month so I do not lose my mind. I almost did a  few weeks ago and when I did the family support poured in even more! I love you all, every last one of you that has done any small or HUGE amount of anything to help us stay positive and keep perspective. It is so nice to have a support group that you know will ALWAYS be there! We love you and appreciate you more than you know.

As for the boy... Here he is 6 months and going strong!

                                                               Seriously- so sweet!
                                             Chillin' with his Dad in his favorite position.

                                         He is getting really good grasping and playing with his toys!

We ask for your prayers and thoughts to be with our little guy this week as he takes on a new set of challenges. I get so nervous and freaked out for any procedure, but he will do great because he's Lincoln!!!


Artfulife said...

Oh Kim he's looking so healthy & big! I hope we get to meat him when we come back down in two weeks. I'll send you a message in the next day or so. Hugs to you all & you all will be in our prayers.

Charis said...

Good Luck to all of you. Lincoln will do great - but still a scary thing to have to go through. You've all definitely been through more than enough. Soon it will be over and you'll just be able to enjoy life together ;-)

Kirsty said...

He is always in our prayers, as are you guys. He is looking soooo cute and healthy. Update us when you can. You continue to amaze me with your strength, hang in there, dear Kimmie! xoxoxo