Monday, August 8, 2011

One Year Super Star

                               Our Boy turned One!!!!
  Words can not really describe our joy. It has been an amazing, crazy hard and rewarding year. He made it, and we celebrated!!! I just thank God everyday that he is here. He is such a gift!

We had some friends and family over for sandwiches, cupcakes and swimming. Lincoln was not sure what to think of it all, he had this scared face on half the time, but I think he had fun.


                                        Cake Time!
 Can you just see the wheels turning- "What, mom is GIVING me this cool thing and I can touch and eat it?"

                            He liked grabbing it.
                        And squishing it between his fingers...
                              The taste... not so much.

                              I'll just play with it!

                       And eat my hat instead.
This is Lilly. She was in the NICU with Lincoln with a heart condition as well. She is such a sweetheart!
He loved all his new toys, expecially the cards!
He was tuckered out by the end of his big day!
Before Lincoln was born I knew he would be special and that he would bring us so much joy. What I didn't yet know is just HOW special he would be. From the moment he was born he had to literally fight to stay alive. He has overcome more in one year than most any adult will have to overcome in a lifetime. He is a miracle and he has made us realize that life is a miracle, and not to take one day for granted. He is happy and healthy and he brings joy wherever he goes. He is our Superstar. Happy Birthday our precious angel!



Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! And congrats to all of you in celebrating such a monumental year!

Kirsty said...

Happy birthday to your special special boy! I thought of him on the 28th (the birthday of special boys ;) and about how blessed he was to have come to such an amazing mommy! What an incredible year you have all had, it has been an honour and an inspiration to see how well you have all endured the hard times and how readily you have celebrated the good times! Love to you all!