Sunday, July 17, 2011

11 Months

I have had writers block the past couple of weeks. I sit down to write and all of a sudden I am at a loss for words, hence the photo display in the last few posts of our vacay in Reno and the Bay Area with no words attached. We had a very fun time and loved spending time with family and friends. Lincoln is one lucky little guy to have such a huge circle of people to love and adore him. He thrives on all the attention and "LOVINS" as I like to call it.

We are now back in Vegas and back to the heat. We spend our days indoors now, doing a lot of shopping, playing and even baking from time to time. I have the best little shopping companion in the world. He loves to look around at all the fun stuff and flirt with all the ladies that think he is cute. :):)

Lincoln is over 11 Months old... we will celebrate his 1 year birthday in a few weeks. I am excited to CELEBRATE him with a few friends and family. We live far from all our loved ones, but we know that if they could be here to join in they would. We love you all and are so thankful for all the support you have given throughout the year.

Fun things Lincoln does at 11 Months:

Waves to EVERYONE who enters a room. Sometimes if you are lucky you may even get the double wave.

Claps his hands ferociously everytime we say "yeah.," and he repeats and says "yeah."

Smacks his lips together and gives kisses so sweetly.
Loves to flip from back to belly and belly to back to reposition himself get to the toys he wants.
He somewhat slithers on his elbows to turn himself to reach things he wants.
No crawling yet, but definately not far off.
He has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth and 2 more bottoms poking through as we speak.

He likes Yogurt Melts and Yum Yums and fruits in his mesh bag.
Still loves sweet potatoes and prunes and apples.
He is starting to try to pull off his helmet and will not leave on shoes, hats or any accessories. He believes these are all for chewing on.

He left this sticker on for a total of 2 minutes while I snapped the pics and then yanked it off and then wanted to taste it.

He likes to swing and he gets a crazy happy grin when daddy goes higher.
And he still loves his binky and blankie and loves to read books and snuggle.

He is sooo fun and such a happy baby most of the time. He is now starting to have a mind of his own and lets us know when he has had enough of his car seat, stroller and especially the camera. This is the fun arch of the back and flinging of the arms we experience.
But I still love it. It is just tooo cute!
We had an appt at Shriner's Hosputal last week. It went really well. I will tell you about it soon.

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