Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Months

Lincoln is 10 months old. I can not believe it! It seems like it has gone so fast and he has accomplished SOOO much. He reminds me more everyday what a miracle he is. He is happy and healthy and his heart looks wonderful!

 Here are some fun facts about our little man...

He likes to play in his Jumper/ PlayStation. He actually has started to jump a bit with his one leg. I feel like he has been hesitant to actually do much with the one leg, I am assuming because he feels off balance. He is starting to stand on it and push off with it so... Yay!

He loves being outside- Anywhere, Anytime- he loves to swim and go for walks and play at the park under the shade, so do I, so we are a great pair!

 Last week Lincoln was fitted for his fourth helmet. This is the last one we hope. He outgrew the last one, because his head grew so much in just 1 month. It's a good thing he is growing but it means he had to endure this process for the fourth time. Check out his chubby cheeks. Don't you just want to kiss them?
He is sleeping really well, a good twelve hour stretch. 7pm-7am. Love it.

Lincoln loves to flirt. This is his Physical Therapist- Nora- whom he adores. The picture quality is poor, I snapped it quickly with my phone, but check out how he loves her- even if she does make him work and do things he doesn't love doing.

Here he is doing his pushups, getting strong so that he can start crawling!
He is sitting up really well and is not crawling yet. We are working on getting him to do more weight baring on his arms so that he will be able to push off and crawl. He is getting better at it everyday. We are going through the stage where if I am next to him he is happy as can be, but the moment I leave the room the world ends and he is sitting in puddles of his crocodile tears. It is so cute, but makes it hard to get anything done.

Lincoln is doing so much better with eating and drinking his bottle. He loves baby food, and his favorites are... Sweet Potatoes and Turkey, Prunes and Apples, Yogurt and Applesauce. We started him with the Cheddar Puffs and he likes them when they don't make him gag. His gag reflex is strong, but he is getting better about not gagging as much. He likes strawberries in the mesh bag and we are starting to give him tiny bits of what we eat... we will see. He is really only 8 months adjusted so we are moving slowly with table food.

He is drinking from the bottle better as we were given the green light from his doc to try Pediasure. He likes it- but he is not the best at drinking in all his calories, but he is getting better. We still have to tube feed him whatever he doesn't take by mouth, which is becoming less and less. He will get it...Go Lincoln!

The wave has become his favorite thing to do. if we say "hi" at all, it generates a big arm wave from the little man. It is so cute and he will wave at everyone. Here is a cute video of him waving to me, consider it a wave to you as well. Thanks for reading! 

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Amy said...

What a cute video! And you are an awesome Mommy!!! We are coming to Southern Utah and would LOVE it if we could see you while we are there! Call me sometime if you would like to get together in a couple of weeks. My number is 704-929-9351