Thursday, November 4, 2010

3 months and so popular...

Lincoln is 3 months old! Small for his age, but he started out tiny, eh? He is becoming more and more alert. He loves to look around and follow you with his eyes. He tunes into our voices and loves to stare at us. He even gave me his first smile the other day when I was talking to him. It melted me heart!

I brought in his own binkie and a clip so that he never loses it. We have trouble with hospital binks falling on the floor daily, and we go through a bazillion of them. He loves this one, you can't get it out of his mouth and he makes the loud knocking noise as he sucks- it is so cute.
He is doing OK on feeds, he is a messy eater and has reflux pretty bad, so a portion of what he eats comes right back up, however, it is getting better. And- who wouldn't throw up when they are on 4 antibiotics simoutaneously?

Lincoln is one popular little dude among the healthcare professionals at Sunrise Hospital. They are all very concerned about his leg, and have rarely, if ever seen a case like this. They are all collaborating on what to do to help Lincoln be able to keep as much of his leg as possible. The neonatologist told me yesterday that Lincoln has been the topic of discussion among many many docs for the past couple of days trying to figure out what to do. I think he likes the lime- light and so he keeps himself at the top of their priority list! Enough already, my boy! :):)

What they have come up with is that they think hyperbaric treatment will be beneficial. If you have never heard of it, like myself, he will be placed in a glass bed-like chamber, where the oxygen concentration is 100%. He will lay in this chamber for 1 hour and by breathing this concentrated oxygen it is suppose to promote healing of his leg tissues and can even irradicate infection. It has been used on adults for quite awhile now for patients with diabetes or bad wounds that need healing. The research and evidence on neo-nates is barely there in the US, but there is some concrete evidence that it has helped many babies in Israel. It has been used much more there, and so the doctors here are relying on the hyperbaric docs expertise and data from studies done across the world.

Hyperbaric Chamber

The NICU nurses keep telling me that in all their years of nursing they have never seen anything like this. They have never cared for a baby with an amputation and they have surely never seen hyperbarics used. We are all learning together I guess.  He will start his first treatment today and he will go Mon- Friday for 5-14 sessions. They will monitor his leg evey couple of days to see how it goes. I will try to take pics of him in the "oxygen tank." I am nervous to watch it, because if he is awake and scared and crying it will break my heart that I can't comfort him. Pray he sleeps through it. That is my plan!

Loves to you all! Hope all is well with everyone.


Kirsty said...

He is SO cute!!! Many, many prayers coming your way for continued miracles. The hyperbaric tank sounds very promising. I will also pray that he sleeps peacefully through it all-for your sake especially. Love and hugs to all of you amazing people. Keep strong.

julie! said...

He is getting so big! I am sad I missed your call the other day. I will have to try and catch you another time. Best of luck with the new treatments. I am sure Lincoln will champ it out and continue to surprise everyone with his progress and cuteness.