Monday, September 20, 2010

Silver Linings

We have had a very busy couple of weeks. As the doctors say, "Lincoln keeps us very busy." I am very grateful to the skilled doctors and nurses that take care of our little guy daily. They do work very hard at trying to troubleshoot all of the issues that come up and try to do what is best for him. However, I am getting to that point where I really want to be mommy and take care of all of him. Yes, I get to change his diaper and check his temp, but oh, how I can not wait for the day where I can pick him up with no wires attached and snuggle him tight and give him a bottle or better yet a breast :-)

These weeks have been mixed with really tough days and there have been some days of rest and relaxation mixed in. I know that there will always be tough days whether in the hospital or at home- we all have very different circumstances and different challenges, and there are days we all want to give up and throw in the towel and there are other days when you feel so blessed and full of life that you could conquer the world. That is how I feel when I am here- like this!

We are constantly bombarded with new issues that Lincoln's body has to overcome, it is difficult somedays to keep my faith and to trust and know that everything will be OK. And then I stop and think about all the miracles up to this point and about  how he has been blessed to make it this far, and my faith is strengthened. He is a miracle and I know that in time all will work out perfectly in God's plan. And for now I am thankful for all of those days that are a perfect SILVER LINING in a week full of clouds.

These EYES are amazing. They stare deep into mine and that is when again I am overwhelmed with love and emotion and I just drink in this little boy's "amazingness." They look at me and say, "Everything will be fine, momma. Just relax." He is SOOO PRECIOUS.

Here he is debuting the new fall line of micro-preemie fashion. It does not get much cuter than this. If you saw how amazingly tiny these onesies are you would die. Thanks Auntie Dar for finding these cute little onesies that fit him!

Well friends, I won't go into details with all the things he has to overcome, just know that the docs inform us he has a long road ahead with his brain, eyes, tummy, HEART and liver. Being so tiny and having cardiac disease and being chronically ill makes for a pretty long road- but man, this guy is T-O-U-G-H! We are so grateful for all the prayers in his behalf and we welcome and are soooo grateful for all the many more that we desperately need. And will you pray for strength for daddy and mommy too! We need it :-)

Thanks- LOVES to all of you!


Kirsty said...

He's beautiful and he is looking better and better! He certainly is an amazing little fighter and his parents are too. Much love to you all. Thanks for the update, I have checked daily for one :) xoxox

Artfulife said...

He's plumping up so nicely!!! What a little pumpkin :) I'd love to send a little something your way. Please send me your addy through facebook. Hugs to you all. All of you are in my prayers.

Robert and Brenda said...

What a cuty! You all look so good together. I think of you often and know that you are all strong enough to conquer the trials that you have had and will have. Keep up the smile and just love that little guy!

Lauren and Chase said...

He is looking so great! We are praying for your sweet little boy, and for you and your husband! Keep strong and know how amazing you are for having such great faith and a great hopeful attitude through all of this!