Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Steps Forward... One Step Back

After Lincoln's amazing progress, he has had a few complications. He started feeding and got up to 3cc per hour and then the nurses found blood in his stool, which is a sign that his bowels are not tolerating the feeds. So they stopeed feeding him immediately and put him on bowel rest until after his stent placement which is scheduled for Wed. the 25th.

Over the next several days his heart rate kept dipping and his O2 sats were dropping as well. He had another few markers in his lab work that showed he may have an infection, so they started antibiotics and searched for another spot to put an IV into an artery to draw his blood gases from. They tried one in the foot and it failed. Lincoln's veins are so tiny and it is extremely tough to find space to put a line into. So they ended up doing a PIC line in his neck, which worked out well, but is painful for me to look at. He has been on antibiotics for 3 days and it looks like things are getting better.

They had to intubate him again to give his lungs a rest for a few days and to let his heart rate recover and last night Lincoln had had it and he coughed and yanked the breathing tube out. He is one strong little 3 pound boy.

He has even gained a little weight --even though he isn't getting my milk, he is still getting nutrition that is made specifically for his needs. I think he may even be getting chubbier cheeks:):)

Today they had to put another IV in and they could not find a spot, so they put it in his scalp and even though it looks not so pleasant, they say it is a good line, which I am thankful for. Through all of this he manages to be the sweetest, most amazing little guy in the world. And most importantly he LOVES his binky and he can really suck amazingly well!

This is what keeps me busy most the day- pumping to keep up my milk supply for
the little guy when he is ready to eat.


Ang said...

Lincoln is so adorable! I agree I think he is getting chubbier cheeks too :)

Freeman Family said...

Thanks for the update! You look amazing, Lincoln is starting to get big! I hope all is well with Dave. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love you!

Jenny said...

Ohhh, what a sweet video! Thank you for this amazing blog. It helps me to feel like I am right there with you cheering Lincoln along! He sure is a strong fellow. How cute that he knows what he wants and what he doesn't. :) I love the picture of the precious! We love you guys.

H said...

Lincoln is beautiful! My prayers are with you today!! Thanks for sharing this...
:) Hailey

Debbie said...

You are the most AMAZING little family! What a blessing Lincoln is; he is reaching out to so many people without even realizing it:) He definitely has a cheering section both on earth and in heaven! What a tough little man!! We love you lots!! HUGS, Deb, Nick, Cassandra, Jessica, and Brett