Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Big Day..

July 28, 2010 was the day our "little man" entered the world. Here is my stomach complete with marks from the monitors right before prepping for surgery and a picture of us prepped and ready to enter the operating room ready to meet our little man. ( By the way I was scared to death and shaking uncontrollably.)

The surgery went well, aside from my violent shaking and nervous laughing during the surgery and the doctor yelled at me because my bowels almost fell out. As soon as he was wiped off and stable they brought me Lincoln, and I kissed his face and gave him pep talk about being strong and being a fighter, and how much I just LOVED him to death.  He was soooo tiny and they were proud he was breathing on his own. I was so out of it, but I do remember my baby's face as the most precious little thing I had ever seen. Even though he did look a little scary, he was oh, so cute!
Daddy cut the cord!
This was the first conversation we ever had. I call it my "pep talk." I told him to be a fighter and to not give up but be strong and that we love him soooo much!

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