Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dear Lincoln,

I am so proud of the amazing boy you are becoming! You have been through a lot of changes in the past year and have had so much fun in the process. We lived in Woodland, CA for just under a year and we then moved to Greenville, South Carolina in September 2013 shortly after your 3rd birthday.

In July we celebrated Nana's 70th birthday and the 4th of July on our annual family trip to Myrtle Beach. You had such a great time playing with your cousins.

It was on this trip that daddy received a phone call from Shriner's Hospital in Greenville, SC which led to his accepting of a position and eventual move to South Carolina.

When we returned from Myrtle Beach we celebrated your 3rd birthday which  was so fun! We had a Woody themed Birthday party and you LOVED it! Grandma and Grandpa Freeman, Papa Reich, Aunt Nee Nee and GG came to the party as well as many friends and cousins. You are so loved!!! You loved your woody birthday cake and had lots of fun with your friends!!!

In September we moved across the country and you flew with Mommy and Grandma Freeman (Mac) while Daddy and Grandpa Freeman (Pa) drove the big truck from California to South Carolina. It took them about 4 days to get across the country and they stopped and visited some neat tourist sites on the way. We were so sad to leave GG, but we were excited for a new adventure.

We moved in to a nice neighborhood in Simpsonville, SC. Our house was in a cul-de-sac, and our neighbors were all very kind and friendly. You especially liked a little girl named Gracie who lived across the street from us. You two would play most days together and you both have matching Police cars that you drive around the neighborhood in together. Sometimes Gracie would hook up her little dog's leash to the back of your Jeep and take the doggie for a ride!  Mommy would sit and laugh and watch you two have so much fun!

In December we went home to Nevada for Cari and James wedding. It was so fun to spend Christmas with family and partake in the sealing of two very special people. You and Jame's little brother were the ring bearers.

In January we had snow in South Carolina. We did not expect to have snow, so it was really fun to go out and play and build snowmen and sled.
Lincoln and Gracie Jan. 2014

You had surgery on your right leg in February 2014 to revise the amputation to make it more comfortable for you to wear a prosthesis. You did so well and the surgery went great! You were even able to come home the same day of surgery. Your leg was in a cast and had to heal over a period of 3 months before you could wear your leg again. You were such a happy boy even when you were unable to wear your leg. You scooted around and played on the floor and NEVER complained that you couldn't walk! You rode your Police Car around the cul-de-sac for hours at a time even in cold weather. I think driving the car helped you feel like you were still mobile! You are such a strong and happy little guy!

 By the end of May you had your new prosthesis and were ready to rock and roll! You get around now so well and can do anything you put your mind to!

I love your sense of humor and the way you make us laugh all the time. You are very observant and love to watch people and situations and then repeat what you saw or learned when you are at home. I will often find you playing in your playroom, dressed up as your teacher, reading stories for your animals or singing songs! You love to sing and for your 4th Birthday you got a Ukele. You hold it and strum it just right and you make such beautiful music with it! We love to hear you sing and play the guitar.

We took a family trip to Myrtle Beach in June, and stayed in a beach house for a week with all your cousins and Aunties and Papa. We had such a great time and you loved playing in the water and riding the waves on a boogie board. You were so brave in the ocean! We had such a great time with our family. You are so blessed to have so many family members who love and adore you!

On July 28, you turned 4 and we had your Birthday Party at the Fire Station! You loved this birthday party more than any you had previously! You got to ride in the fire engine, take a tour of the fire house and spray the big water hoses! You had lots of friends and your cousins, Hannah, Tacoma, Jonah and Micah and Auntie Dar there! You still talk about your party all the time and want to visit the fire station often!

You have made a lot of nice friends since we moved to South Carolina. You like to play with Rossi Reed, Haley Rogers, Lauren Hill, and Charlie and Tripp our new neighbors.

We had a new house built over the summer and you helped mom and dad pick out everything and really loved looking at houses with us! You even knew all the floor plan names and loved Gail and Phyllis-the realtors we worked with. You are so personable and every where we go people LOVE you Lincoln!

We moved into our new house in early September and you love our new neighborhood and have made friends with Charlie and Tripp in the neighborhood. You all have motorized cars and ride in the cul-de-sac and play work shop and have so much fun together!
Charlie and Lincoln Cruising

You also started Preschool this year at Immanuel Lutheran School and LOVE it! Your teacher is Mrs. Tharpe and Miss Jill is the assistant and you love them. You are always so excited to go to school and enjoy your time learning and playing with friends.

We are working on writing your letters and you don't love to do it yet, but you are getting better everyday and more tolerant of it!

We love you buddy and are sooooo grateful for the good, happy boy that you are! You light up our life and are so precious! 

For Halloween you were Kristoff from Frozen. Grandma hand made the costume for you because we couldn't find it anywhere. You  looked so cute and true to character.
This Christmas we stayed home in South Carolina and enjoyed the holidays as a small family. It was nice to have a quiet relaxing Christmas, but we did miss all our family in Reno. It was s o fun to see how excited you were this year. You asked Santa for a train set and were so surprised when he actually brought it for you! It was so fun to watch you enjoy the magic this year!
We look forward to a new year and watching you continue to grow and develop. You bring so much joy to our lives.
Christmas Card Picture 2014

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Anonymous said...

Dearest friend, I've been keeping up w/Lincoln's story from the very beginning. What an amazing story this little man has had, and still, so much more to come. He is beautiful. Miss you all and would love to reconnect. Please find me on FB. Love, Holly H. (Seattle, no more).