Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ode to Mothers

When things are good it is easy to forget or I guess not pay as much attention to where you were or how far you have come.  Just 9 months ago I was white-knuckled, praying, and waking up each day hoping I would have the chance to CONTINUE mothering my child that so desperately needed me. He kept me guessing, hoping and very unsure if we would make it to this Mother's Day, but against all the odds my little man is here, thriving and has gifted me with his life and sweet presence every day since.
 This is the sweetness I woke up to.  He proudly held the card he and daddy made. I cherish this card!
 It came complete with drool and teething marks. I LOVE it!!!

This Mother's Day was so special for so many reasons. It was a day full of reflection, and gratitude for all those who have helped me to become the woman I am. My mother has been so instrumental in all aspects of my life and most especially has been my anchor through all of this craziness in the last year. She gave me hope when I felt none, she helped me keep the faith when mine was dwindling, and she has built me up on days when I felt very fragile. She  is in one word- AMAZING. How did I get so lucky to be blessed with the best mom in the world? I also thought about all the second moms, my grandmother and my sisters that have been such vital examples in my life of strength, love and devotion to their families. Life is great isn't it?

I love the idea of LEGACY and that our families and children need us to carry on the legacy of love to them as much as we needed it from our mothers and grandmothers. Each small thing we do for our children each day weaves a pattern of stability, security and love that will help them to thrive in a world that can be challenging. I am sooo in love with the boy who has made me a mother. He keeps me insanely busy, and challenges me everyday, and I would not wish it any other way. His smiles melt my heart and I can not get enough of his sweetness. I know the seemingly small daily things we do each day together are the big things and will make all the difference to him someday.  Our TIME together is everything and I want to always try to not take that for granted.
I love being a MOM! There is nothing more challenging, yet rewarding. It is the only thing that creates the feeling of your heart wanting to pop out of your chest for the love of a little one and it makes you feel like you are finally LIVING!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely ladies! A bit late, but that never hurts anyone, eh?

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Kirsty said...

Ohhhhh Aaron asked me why I was so verklempt. This is the sweetest thing ever. His card totally made me teary. You are the best mommy ever and a great inspiration to this mom. Love you Kimmie! So happy you got to celebrate this Mother's Day with your thriving, beautiful boy xoxo