Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Boy Eats

Friday's surgery went well, it was a triple whammy! He got his g-tube/ fundo done, his hernias fixed and he was circumcised all at once. We LOVE it - the more at once, the better! He shouldn't have to go under anesthesia again until he is ready for skin grafts. The surgeon said he did really well, and he came off the breathing machine within 12 hours after surgery, which is a record for him. He was pretty out of it on Saturday, but by Sunday he was feeling much better and today he is pretty much back to his chipper self.

He is already up to an ounce and half of breastmilk every three hours through his g-tube. He will advance to two ounces tonight, which is his full feed. We are still able to try to offer him the bottle, but he is not feeling it just yet. We will keep working with him, but he needs a lot of work and practice. He will get it eventually, but in the meantime it sure is nice to be able to give him all breastmilk, and to get him off the artificial nutrition. He LOVES having his belly full, and he is not having as much reflux. We should finally start to whip through the freezer full of breastmilk that has so patiently awaited his being able to eat!

This deep freeze is full to the top, not one more bag can fit. I think it is 3 feet deep by 3 feet wide. So crazy!
 I wasn't able to get a picture of his g-tube today, but I will post one shortly. It adds another wire/cord to his mix of cords- but it is oh, so worth it. He should be plumping up even more very soon! He is already 7lbs. 11oz. as of last night. His cheeks are so YUMMY!

Many of you have requested to see pics of the little man's room. Here you have it! I just need to put HIS pictures in the frames on the wall and I am still looking for the perfect rug. Other than that, his room anxiously awaits!!!
And one last precious picture for good measure!

 Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts!!! We are so thankful! More pics to come shortly... stay tuned!


allison said...

Hi there...
My sister just shared your blog with me. I wanted to say hello & let you know you'll be in our prayers.
Coincidentally, we have a son with a congenital heart defect too...he'll have his 3rd surgery in a couple of months. Also, my husband is a prosthetist, so your story is very moving to us.
Btw, Lincoln couldn't be anymore adorable:)

Jen Johnson said...

He looks SOOOOO good Kim! He has the sweetest little face! It is so great to see him without tape on his face. I can't wait to see how much his cheeks will plump up from drinking all that healthy milk you have been able to save for him! Good job mama! I am so glad to hear that his surgeries went so well! We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers! Beautiful boy :)

Charis said...

His room is so dang cute. My babies will be 1 year old before their room is finally done. It's a continual work in progress ;-) Can't wait till he gets to sleep in it ;-) That will be a happy day/night!!!!