Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gratitude = Happiness

 This morning I took an inventory of my life. As I breathed in and out and lay there very still I just let my mind go- I didn't put any restrictions on it, I just let the thoughts come. I thought about all that has happened, what may happen and even what I wish would happen. Most thoughts were happy, some were sad, some made me anxious and some were down right scary. The unknown is always scary to me, but it was therapeutic to just let myself think.

My mind kept coming back to the fact that even though the past few months have been the most challenging of my life, these experiences have made me more acutely aware of all my blessings amid the storm. Dave and I have grown even closer as we have brought little Lincoln into the world. He has brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined. Even though we have challenges we never dreamed we would face, I know we can do it- there is no doubt in my mind.

Life is GOOD! Even when it is hard- it is soooo good! We are so grateful for family and friends that love us unconditionally and cheer us on daily. I am grateful that God knows us better than we know ourselves. He lifts us up each day and gives us the courage and strength to carry on and make the best out of the situation we have been given.

I am so blessed to be a momma. It fills me up to the top. I can not get enough of it, regardless of how hard it seems some days. It is definately the best thing I have ever done! I feel blessed to have been trusted with such an amazing child that has already taught me so much.

Today we put up Lincoln's mobile and he LOVED it. He just stared and stared and smiled the biggest grins ever. I tried to catch them and finally got one...
                                                             This is Happiness!


Amy said...

SOOO SOOOO CUTE!!! How do I love this boy when I have never met him?!?!

Charis said...

Oh he is a happy boy. I love it. What simple things bring so much joy to a baby's life. So I think he looks a little like Kylie in the last picture (with the huge grin on his face ;-) What a cutie.... ;-)

FEAS613 said...

I found your blog through your comment on Kelle Hampton's blog awhile ago. I have been silently yet avidly following your story - Lincoln's story. I just had to comment this time. Your little man looks like he's getting so big!! He truly is a blessing and a fighter for sure!! There's plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!
Keep fighting and keep smiling little man :0) He's just too cute!!