Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Miracle After Another

How do you describe something that words will never do justice? The last week has been a very long week of highs and lows. Lets begin with the highs, shall we?
Here is our little Lincoln 2 days before surgery. He is chunky and snuggly and oh, so sweet. We wanted to capture how big he has gotten. How do you like the mustache- should we keep it? Got Milk?
These eyes are just magical! 
Grandma came the night before surgery and got to snuggle up Lincoln. 
The morning before surgery we arrived at the hospital at 6:00am so that we could have lots of time to love up on our little guy and give him lots pep talks before his surgery. He is amazing!
Lincoln's open heart surgery went well overall. He was in the OR for 6 hours and then as he came out, they let me give him a quick kiss in the hall before we headed up to the Pediatric ICU for recovery.
As we waited in the parents lounge while they got him settled in his room a nurse came in to talk to us and mentioned that his leg looked "dusky" (or a blueish pale color)  and that they had just taken out an arterial line that had been placed in his femeral artery for surgery. I was concerned but not too worried about it. 
We were then able to go in and see him and when I saw his leg I was immediately WORRIED. It was purpley black and white. The surgeon left Lincoln's chest open for the next few days to let the swelling go down and to make sure all went well with recovery before sewing it up. 

I thought it was pretty traumatic to have his chest open, and I was really concerned about it and I talked to the ICU doc and he was not as concerned about his heart as they were about his leg.  When the doctors are more worried about a leg than an open chest from open heart surgery- you know you are in TROUBLE.

I can't really describe the next few days and the course of events that followed. It all seems like such a blur. 
  I remember Daddy glued to Lincoln's side, and his faith never waivering.
I remember feeling the deepest love combined with sadness as I looked at my child in this condition for the 3rd time.

I remember these eyes that pierce your soul when they stare at you and his spirit seems to tell you it will all be OK.
And I cherish the moment I could finally hold him after heart surgery!
 And I remember the next day when he turned horribly ill and they had to do an emergency amputation of Lincoln's lower leg. I am still too close to the emotions to truly do this story justice. But what I want you all to know is that Lincoln David Reich is meant to be here with us on this earth. There have been multiple times he has been VERY close to going home to his Father in Heaven and I just thank God that he has spared our son's life and I know he will have an incredible story to tell. He has made it through so many obstacles in his short life, and I just feel confident when I look in his eyes that he is going to rock this challenge out, just like he has every other challenge he has faced.
 Our little "Rock Star." He continues to amaze us all day by day. His strength is indescribable.
 Grandpa came for a visit and rubbed Lincoln's head and held his hand for hours. Lincoln was completely calm and still. It was PRECIOUS!
He is truly a miracle! 

As we have gone through these challenging times there has been an indescribable amount of peace and hope that has filled our hearts daily. This whole ride has been painful and agonizing at times, but there is always this sense of peace knowing deep down that we are not in charge. Our Heavenly Father is in charge and his plan is perfect. Whatever that plan may be, we know and trust that His will is perfect and it will "fit" our family perfectly.
Thank you all for your outpouring of love and concern for us! We have been very blessed! We will keep you posted on his progress- next grafts and feeding!


Jen Johnson said...

He is such a strong little guy Kim. You are right. He is meant to be here right now with you both as his parents. Your little family is truly blessed to have him with you! You and Dave are in our prayers every night as well as your sweet and special Lincoln. We love you and stay strong. Give that little guy lots of love from us.

Kirsty said...

What an inspiration all of you are! Lincoln is indeed a choice little (HUGE) spirit with amazing, amazing parents. We have been praying for you so much the last few days (I got an update from Charis after his heart surgery) I am so, SO sorry for all the difficulties and pain you have all had to endure-but you are all rock-stars and your account is so uplifting. xoxxoxoxo Much love, prayers and admiration to all of you.

Amy said...

you are all three an inspiration!!

Joanna Wilson said...

aren't grandpas the best? what a sweet story-only my dad has every been able to calm my saddest kids-how lucky mr. lincoln is

kasper said...

Kim and Dave,
We have been praying and thinking of you and Lincoln. You both are an inspiration in strength and courage! Lincoln is blessed to have you both. May your faith and courage get you three through this. Someday telling this story to his children.
God Bless you!
Rob, Mena, Logan and Luke Spodobalski

Hornes said...

Kim--your strength is such an inspiration to me! I love to read and see how little Lincoln is doing. I too, agree that he is supposed to be here on this earth. Thank you for sharing your faith and courage with all of us!

The Small Bevell Bunch said...

Kim, I agree you are such an inspiration to me as well as a lot of other people. I have been thinking about you and you little family and keeping you in my prayers for the past few weeks and I'm happy to hear that little Lincoln is doing good. Heavenly Father does have a plan for him on this earth and how amazing that you have such faith!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family, seriously I would love to do something!

Melissa said...

Oh Kim! I am so sorry to hear of Lincoln's poor little leg! But, I am in awe at your strength! He definitely has been blessed with great parents to help him through all that he has had to go through! Y'all are in my prayers! :)