Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Excitement of Motherhood

My dream to be a mother is probably very similar to all those whose who have shared the same dream. I pictured in my mind what kind of mother I would be (perfect of course :) ), what my baby would look like and how I would decorate the nursery where I would watch he/she sleep each night. I pictured myself holding and kissing my baby and gently rocking him to sleep.

I remember the day we took the pregnancy test and as I peed on that stick Dave hovered over my shoulders and when I finished he grabbed the stick out of my hand. He set it on the counter and covered it up and waited the 3 exact minutes the box indicated to wait. He was like a little boy in an ice cream shop. We had taken about a hundred test prior to this one, but for some reason he knew that this would be the one! When we peeked after the 3 minutes we saw 2 pink lines, not just faint, but they were really there! Yeah! We  were ecstatic to find out that we were expecting and all I could say was "WOW- it is for real."

We had been pregnant previously and unfortunately we had lost that child due to complications unknown. All tests came back with no explanation. It was just not that baby's time to join our family on earth. So to have another chance, another shot at this most precious gift of parenthood was paramount to any other goal or aspiration Dave and I had.

For the next couple months all we could do was talk about "the baby this - and the baby that." We were so excited to meet our little one. I remember the day we had an ultrasound and found out that we would be having a boy, we were so excited! I have never seen Dave smile this much since our wedding day. He had perma-smile that could not be taken away. I loved that. I was so excited for a boy as well. I just pictured myself with a little boy, so it fit my motherhood dream perfectly. Oh, how much we loved our little boy even before we met him. My baby bump and the ultrasound pictures were so real to us-we just loved him to death.

We began to buy little things, and received many gifts from friends and family that already adored him. We were planning our move to Las Vegas at the end of June, and so we had our baby showers early. This lucky little boy had 3 baby showers thrown for him. He was loved way before he was born.

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