Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bed Rest

In the middle of July I went for a routine OB check and my belly was measuring small. The doc was concerned and sent me for a visit to the perinatologist to get things examined further. So I went to the Dr. Masaki's (crazy perinatologist) office and they found that Lincoln was measuring the growth of a 27 weeker when I was 30 weeks. This was worrisome to the doctor, so they monitored his heart rate for a half hour and found that he  was having a hard time. They put me back on the doppler machine and found that there was high blood pressure from the cord to the placenta which was restricting the baby's ability to get all the nutrients it needs.

Being only 30 weeks, and that the baby had so much growing to do, the doctor ordered bed rest and a high protein diet to help give the baby receive all the calories possible and to take baby aspirin to thin my blood, to help the cord restriction. The plan was to have me go back to be monitored at the Dr.s office every Tuesday and Friday and try to keep the baby in and growing as long as possible. So this is how I looked for the next week or so. On the couch, with the laptop and remote. Eating LOTS of protein and drinking LOTS of water. Thanks heavens for my neighbor and friend who made us meals, ran my errands, and kept me company. She truly is a saint!

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